How to use FTP

There are numerous FTP software applications available for purchase, and as freeware, on the market today. The software you use is strictly up to you and your computer support / network personnel. Defense Visual Information recommends you use an FTP program that is capable of using the Secure FTP (SFTP) protocol, as future security guidelines will mandate the use of SFTP. In the interim, Windows users can utilize the FTP features of Internet Explorer. Macintosh OS X users should check out the Apple website and search for FTP or SFTP programs that may be utilized.

Linking with our FTP Server

Each Combat Camera, VI and Public Affairs unit has its own password-protected logon to the FTP server. For account information contact us at or call DSN 312-225-7118.

To reach our FTP server a connection to the Internet must first be established. If you are unable to reach an Internet Service Provider from a deployed location, a connection to the Internet may be established by dialing with a modem. A connection can be established with an ordinary land-based phone line or via INMARSAT or BGAN.

To make a connection, your FTP software will need to know to contact  There are other settings that may be set; for the most part, leave those in their default state.

Effective immediately, all users should stop using IP addresses to connect to DIMOC servers. The following DOMAIN name should be used:

Once you have established an FTP connection, select the files to upload and drop them into the folder you are logged into. Do not create a special folder for your files, as this slows down system processing time. Do not transmit your files more than once, as this also bogs down the systems and ingestion timing. Also note that as you are transmitting files, our automated processes grab your files and move them out of the FTP server.

Using Internet Explorer

Microsoft Windows users can use Internet Explorer to FTP. This does not work on other platforms or with other web browsers. To use Internet Explorer, contact us at If you incur an error upon initial connection, click ok, then go to File > Login As. Then enter your username and password, then drag and drop your files into the window.

If you have problems, check the following settings:

  • In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options
  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • In the Browsing section, make sure the "Enable Folder view for FTP sites" and "Use Passive FTP" options are marked
  • In the browser navigation bar use

If you continue to have problems, contact your network personnel to make sure that the FTP ports are open.