Squadron Abbreviations

Since the full names and abbreviations of squadrons do not follow normal acronym rules of assignation, include squadron abbreviations even if the term is used only once.

Abbreviation Squadron
HC helicopter combat support squadron
HM helicopter mine countermeasures squadron
HMH Marine heavy helicopter squadron
HMLA Marine light attack helicopter squadron
HMM Marine medium helicopter squadron
HMX Marine helicopter squadron
HS helicopter anti-submarine squadron
MWCS Marine wing communications squadron
VA attack squadron
VAQ electronic attack squadron
VAW carrier airborne early warning squadron
VF fighter squadron
VFA strike fighter squadron
VMA Marine attack squadron
VMAQ Marine tactical electronic warfare squadron
VMFA Marine strike fighter attack squadron
VMGR Marine aerial refueler transport squadron
VMM Marine medium tiltrotor squadron
VP patrol squadron
VRC fleet logistics support squadron

sea control squadron