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9/11 Remembrance - 2014

Terrorists hijacked four passenger aircraft Sept. 11, 2001. Two aircraft crashed into the World Trade Center in New York; one crashed into the Pentagon; the fourth crashed near Shanksville, Pa. Nearly 3,000 people died in the attacks.

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SPS 2014

U.S. Southern Command - Southern Partnership Station 2014 is a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-approved, USSOUTHCOM-directed operation, planned by U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command and U.S. Fourth Fleet and carried out by the JHSV 1 Spearhead.

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This is an online publication with an effort to connect photographers, videographers, journalists and VI planners, as well as the Public Affairs, Information Operations, Public Diplomacy, and other communities (military and civilian) who use imagery. EYE on VI includes a calendar of events, meetings, workshops, and events; professional development opportunities; links to your best work when possible, and VI Lessons Learned and Best Practices.

EYE on VI - April 2014 Issue (PDF 2.7MB)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: DoD Imagery Web Site Transition

On Oct. 27, 2014, this website will be retired and replaced by DIMOC.mil. The new website has new content, greatly enhanced imagery search and faster download capabilities. Please be advised that access may be delayed during the transition. At launch, the new DIMOC.mil website will have at least 90 days of the most recent VI content with additional content added daily until the remaining collection is fully migrated.

Due to the systems transition, all user-created on-line “Lightbox” imagery collections will no longer be accessible after October 26th, 2014. If you have an enduring need to preserve and transition your existing lightbox collections, or for any additional questions and concerns, please contact DIMOC Services Center at: 1-888-743-4662 or DSN 795-9872 or by email at: askdimoc@dma.mil.

For more detailed information on the DIMOC-DVIDS transition, please see: https://efs-east.deps.mil/SoD/dvi/Documents/Notice of DIMOC-DVIDS Transition.pdf (Note: Use your email CAC certificate to login)

UNITAS 55-14

Unitas 2014

UNITAS 2014 is a multinational naval exercise conducted to enhance security cooperation and improve coalition operations. Held in the Southern Pacific from Sept. 12 - 26, 2014, UNITAS trains forces from the Western Hemisphere in a variety of maritime scenarios. Twenty ships or patrol craft, three submarines, and multiple aircraft from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and the United States are taking part. The exercise also includes the participation of personnel from nine other nations.