United States Air Force Combat Camera

United States Air Force Combat Camera

Concept of Operations

Air Force COMCAM support must be arranged through the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs Global Force Management POC:

1690 AF Pentagon
Washington DC 20330
Commercial: (703) 697-6701
DSN: 227-6701
After hours Comm: (202) 391-4655
Alternate DSN: 969-1772/969-1773
Alternate after hours Comm: (210) 771-3149


  • Rapid Crisis Response-first look imagery
  • Video & Still Photographic Documentation, Acquisition & Editing
  • Product Development Layout & Design
  • Video & Still Photographic Imagery Transmission
  • Large Scale Production
  • Night Imagery Documentation and Acquisition
  • Aerial Video & Still Photographic Documentation
  • Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE)
  • Helicopter Rope Suspension Technique
  • Site Surveys
  • Humanitarian Relief Operations

Phone: 969-1772/969-1773; Comm. 1-210-395-1772/1773; afterhours (210) 771-3149

COMCAM Support

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