Combat Camera

Combat Camera (COMCAM) is a low-density, high-demand force enabler composed of highly trained VI professionals prepared to deploy to the most austere operational environments at a moment's notice. Seasoned in the art of acquiring and using still and motion imagery, COMCAM forces provide the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Combatant Commands, Joint Task Forces and Services a directed imagery capability to support operational planning, public affairs, information warfare, mission assessment, legal and countless other requirements during crises, contingencies and exercises around the globe.

COMCAM forces, in addition to receiving specialized MOS/NEC/AFSC training, also receive combat, weapons, aircraft safety and other special task training to prepare them for deployment and insertion into hostile and remote areas, and are ready to embed and operate with front-line and Special Operations forces.

Tasking Combat Camera

The allocation of COMCAM capability is executed through the Global Force Management (GFM) process. The purpose of the GFM is to manage the allocation and apportionment of deployed forces into a predictive, streamlined and integrated process. Utilization of the GFM enables the SecDef to make proactive, informed management decisions by evaluating risk to the Services and allocating appropriate forces to known requirements. COCOM planners develop requirements and submit them to JCS through the respective J1/3 by entering the requirement into the Joint Capabilities and Requirements Manager (JCRM). Refer to Appendix A for specific capabilities. All rotational and emergent COMCAM requirements for joint operations must be vetted through the GFM process to the Service providers. Once the requirement is sourced to the respective Services, the details (personnel and logistics) will be loaded in the Joint Operations and Planning Execution System (JOPES) for assignment of Unit Line Numbers (ULNs).

Note: A lack of familiarization with COMCAM capabilities can often lead to inaccurate requests for COMCAM services and support. For detailed assistance contact the component command (COCOM) COMCAM Planner to plan COMCAM integration into Joint Operations. In the absence of the COCOM Planner contact the Joint COMCAM Program Manager at Defense Imagery Management and Operations Center.

For additional information, contact the Joint Combat Camera Program Manager at:

Comm. (703) 697-0216, DSN: 227-0216

Defense Media Activity
Comm. (301) 222-6516
Cell: (703) 675-9732

COMCAM Support

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The worldwide Joint Combat Camera Planning Group is held twice a year, and provides a forum for key COMCAM leaders and force providers from Service components, combatant commands and COMCAM units to discuss, explore, develop, propose, and provide COMCAM and VI recommendations to the DMA and the ASD (PA).

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