20th DoD Worldwide Military Photography Workshop

20th Annual DoD Worldwide Military Photography Workshop

The 20th annual DoD Worldwide Military Photography Workshop (WMPW) will be hosted by the Defense Information School, Fort George G. Meade, MD, 03 to 09 June 2012. Travel dates for attendees will be 02 and 10 June 2012.

The 20th annual DoD Worldwide Military Photography Workshop (WMPW) will be hosted by the Defense Information School, Fort George G. Meade, MD, 03 to 09 June 2012. Travel dates for attendees will be 02 and 10 June 2012.

The purpose of this workshop is to improve professional knowledge, proficiency and qualifications of DoD photographers and photojournalists. Workshop faculty members will provide technical instruction to increase the effectiveness, ability, and visual communication skills of attendees to provide the highest quality imagery to the department of defense.

Selection for attendance will be competitive and limited to 25 photographers / photojournalists. To ensure maximum benefit, those attending the workshop are required to have a strong background and working knowledge in still photography.

Eligibility: personnel from all services, holding a photographer / photojournalist specialty code, and DoD employed civilian photographers may apply. Attendees will be selected based on their portfolio and command recommendation, which must be received no later than Friday, 13 April 2012. Portfolios and a letter of recommendation from the commanding officers shall be forwarded to the Defense Information School, Attn: Mr Rob Hood (Photography Workshop), 6500 Mapes Road, Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-5620.

Portfolio requirements: Portfolio submission will include not less than twelve, nor more than twenty images. Images may originate from either digital or traditional photography techniques, but must be submitted digitally following the guidance prescribed on the DINFOS webpage under "Special Events". Photographic prints or 35mm slides will not be accepted.

Include the following information in Package Submission: full name, rank, command address, cell and work phone number, and e-mail addresses, both work and personal. Additionally, provide name and phone number of unit / command point of contact.

Selectee and alternate attendees will be notified the week of 16 April 2012 of their selection to attend. Selectee and alternate attendee info will also be posted on the DINFOS webpage NLT 20 April 2012 under "Special Events".

The agenda for the workshop is:

  1. Faculty presentations
  2. Discussion of assignments with faculty advisors
  3. Shoot photo assignments
  4. Critique of photo assignments
  5. Roundtable discussions with faculty each evening
  6. Awards presentations
  7. Informal banquet (pay as you go)

The faculty for the workshop will include recognized professionals from national organizations.

Services or parent commands are responsible for funding TDY/TAD for their candidates. TDY/TAD orders should authorize rental car for each student to enable the individual to travel to and from shooting assignment locations. All students are required to secure billeting at the designated hotel (TBD prior to selection of candidates). The hotel will be located within five minutes of the Baltimore Washington International (BWI) airport and 15 minutes from Fort Meade and the Defense Information School. Hotel will fall within acceptable per diem rate for the Fort Meade area. Further information is available via the internet at http://www.dinfos.dma.mil, under Special Events.

11. This is a digital photography workshop. Attendees are required to bring a copy of their portfolio on a compact disc. Attendees must bring their own digital camera kits and are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop computer. A limited number of specialty digital camera kits may be made available on a case-by-case basis. Images will be edited using Adobe Photoshop software.

Due to nature of prestigious shooting assignments in the National Capital Region, civilian business casual (i.e. khakis and collared shirt) is the appropriate attire for attendees during workshop. However, military members will need to have their class A uniform for the first and the last day of the workshop.

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Mr. Rob Hood,
(301) 677-3212
DSN: 622-3212
email: rob.hood@dinfos.dma.mil ; or: dinfosphotographyworkshop@dinfos.osd.mil.

Released by COL Jeremy Martin
Defense Information School